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mother's ex-boyfriend, 27-year- old jose esteban rodriguez. he is not however the child's biological father. but the boy's mother says she is pregnant with rodriguez's baby and they broke up a few months ago. now, police do have some clues on where rodriguez has been. this is a look at him on surveillance video. jose rodriguez went into a gas station convenience store to buy beer about 20 minutes before he allegedly kidnapped that child. sheriff's deputies have been in touch with police in san jose, where rodriguez has relatives. the boy's family is distraught. >> i feel like he is going to take my son away and i'm never going to to see him again. [ sobbing ] >> authorities say that jose rodriguez has a criminal record including a manslaughter conviction. again, chopper 5 is over this canal near where the boy was taken. we are watching what the search and dive teams come up with. we'll bring you more as we get those details. well, this is a growing
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problem for pilots being blinded by laser pointers at those critical moments just before landing or after take- off. now today we learn this. all three major bay area airports are among the worst in the nation when it comes to those incidents. len ramirez is at san jose's airport which is right near the top of the list. len. >> reporter: exactly right, allen. this is the little device that we're talking about. this is what's causing all the fuss at airports all over the country and here in the bay area, as well. now, i picked this up for less than $3 today at a local electronics store and i want to show you what it does. if i point it right at the lens there. now, imagine trying to land an airplane with that kind of light beam coming into your eyes. that's exactly what's happening. reporter: final approach to mineta san jose international airport takes airplanes right over the top of the town. but at least 80 times last year, the pilots' concentration was dangerously disrupted by
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this, the bright light of a laser beam being pointed up by people on the ground into the pilot's eyes. laser pointer incident doubles in the united states last year, according to the faa, which ranked san jose third among american airports for this type of crime. >> that's not a good place to be, because that represents a potential hazard for our people and pilots and aircraft in the sky over our communities. >> reporter: los angeles international airport had the most laser incidents with 102 reported in 2010 followed by chicago o'hare with 98, san jose and phoenix tied for third with 80 incidents each. oakland international airport ranked sixth with 55 incidents and sfo ranked 8th with 39. laser pointers are readily available at electronics stores or through the in evidence and they can cost just a couple of dollars. and anyone of any age can buy them. why so many incidents in san jose? >> it might be the fact that this is silicon valley and laser pointers are commonly used for untold powerpoint presentations. nobody really knows for sure what we do know for sure is
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it's a hazard something that people should not do, never point a laser pointer at the sky at a person at an airplane, never. >> reporter: they are not just pointing them at airplanes. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they often point them at helicopters on night patrol and they made five arrests last year. this is four lasers taped together for maximum effect. sergeant jim helms was in the cockpit they were happened. >> when it's four to five miles away the size of the beam is larger basically what happens is the aircraft fuselage is curved. it illuminates the cockpit, and it can temporarily blind or personalitily cause damage tie pilot's eyes. >> reporter: law enforcement is taking this crime very seriously now. if you shine it at a commercial
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airliner, allen, you can be up on federal charges for tampering with the safety of an air. there have been five arrests so far. they are taking this seriously and cracking down. >> small device, huge danger. all right, len, thanks so much. a wanted parolee is dead tonight shot by a san pablo police officer. it happened last night during a routine traffic stop. now, police say the officer pulled over a woman who was driving an acura shortly after 8. when the officer returned to his crewser to run the plate, they took off and the officer chased them down. >> the officer wound up in a scuffle with the subject, wound up tasering the suspect at least once that we know of. at that point, the officer observed the suspect had a firearm, handgun in his waistband. >> investigators say when the man pulled out the gun, the
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officer opened fire that. they have not identified the man but say he was wanted and has an extensive criminal history. a homeless woman face charges for a stash of pipe bombs found in contra costa county yesterday. today investigators gave us these photos of the explosives. the sheriff's department says it was a tip that led them to a storage facility just off i-680 in pacheco. investigators found five pipe bombs in the woman's lockerrer. at least one contained shards of broken glass. the bomb squad was called in to detonate those explosives. chp had to stop traffic on 680 six times while officers destroyed each device. investigators did arrest deborah cole. she is in jail on a half million dollars bail. two men detained yesterday have been released. investigators say they don't know what she planned to do with the explosives. the u.s. visit by china's president stirred debate from washington, d.c. to san
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francisco. a small protest was held outside the chinese consulate at geary and laguna in san francisco today. demonstrators said, truth, compassion, forbearance, and fallon gong is a spiritual movement banned in china. a state dinner is under way. there will be salad, lobster, ribeye steak. the wine a russian river chardonnay and apple pie for dessert. jean quan and ed lee are attending the dinner. earlier they promised cooperation on trade. it was a day of pomp followed by meetings and press conferences and a rare admission from the chinese leader on human rights. this afternoon, president hu said a lot needs to be done to improve china's record. president obama said that he has seen chinese attitudes
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evolve over the years. >> my expectation is that 30 years from now, we will have seen further evolution and further change. >> on trade, china announced deals that will bring in $45 billion in trade to the united states. president obama said those agreements will help create more than 230,000 jobs. coming up, an all-too- familiar scene. a neighborhood rocked by a 50- foot fireball is caught on tape. >> they are expecting a packed house here tonight. i'm ann notarangelo in walnut creek where the mount diablo unified school district is beginning the very painful process of deciding which schools to close. it's supposed to be the most important meal of the day. but the larger the breakfast, the better? the new study that shatters the myth. ,,
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residential neighborhood in philadelphia. it brings back memories of the san bruno last september. that dramatic video of a gas pipeline explosion in a neighborhood in philadelphia. doesn't that bring memories of the san bruno blast? last night's blast killed one and injured six others. crews were working to cap a leak on a 12" gas main when it
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exploded. the fire spread to three houses, four cars and took hours to put out. which test will they accept? since the san bruno explosion the public utilities commission has been deciding how much evidence it needs from pg&e about the strength of its gas transmission lines. so far, federal investigators discovered shoddy recordkeeping leading to questions that the utility set pipeline pressure too high. pg&e wants puc to test old pressure tests with gas in the pipeline but some experts water tests into the line might be more reliable. serve schools in the mount diablo district are under threat of closure, seven schools. in a month the contra costa district will have to decide which three of the schools will be shut down. ann notarangelo is in walnut creek where parents are trying to make sure their voices are heard tonight. hi, ann. >> reporter: allen, it is staggering to think that this
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district cut $50 million in its budget in the last few years and 12 million more need to be cut in the next year. for parents, this is about their children's future and when you talk about closing their children's schools it gets emotional. >> i believe in our school so i want to fight for it and it's a little bit of an uphill battle but i think there is hope. >> reporter: she says the heart of her neighborhood is silverwood school. she has a second and fifth grader here and bought her house just so her children could come here. >> i looked at all the research for the api scores. i wanted a school my kids could walk or ride their bike to, my number one criteria, a neighborhood school where my neighbors and i and, you know, could just be in a community at our school. >> reporter: for the past few weeks, parents and students at schools across the district have been making the case why their schools should stay open. a school closure committee is recommending a half dozen schools for closure in three
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different scenarios. closing glenbrook middle school, silverwood and wren avenue elementary schools, or glenbrook middle school, silverwood and holbrook elementary schools, or the third option close it sequoia middle school and two others. >> save our schools! >> reporter: that last option has upset parents who have chosen to send their children to the so-called choice schools that draw kids from the entire district because they have better test scores. a school board member says he is faced with a difficult dilemma. >> should we be closing schools that it's a regional draw or should we close neighborhood schools? so it's two different types of schools, and, you know, i don't know if there is any right answer. >> reporter: at tonight's meeting, the school board will hear the committee's recommendations and be able to ask questions as well as hear from the public. it's the first step in the decision-making process for ultimately what is a no-win situation. >> because of the budget and because of our declining enrollment i think we definitely have to close some schools. >> reporter: the closure committed rated the schools on a number of issues including
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capacity, operations and maintenance costs, academic performance, the possibility of moving students to better facilities, and the cost of closing the school. again, no decision will be made tonight. in fact, the school board is expected to be listening and asking more questions than anything else. there will be another chance for public discussion next week and the final decision will be made february 8. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. no longer just children. a dramatic increase of overweight babies. what one bay area doctor is doing to keep it from getting. >> reporter: did you feel it? for the first time this year, somewhere around the bay area we topped off at 70 degrees. now the hazard you need to know about for the weekend. pinpoint forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the security of your family" butt to republ well, it's being called everything from a trillion dollar tragedy to a job killer. >> this is life and death! this is the security of your family. >> this is not about campaign promises. this is about real people experiencing real problems in realtime. >> just a few hours ago, house republicans voted to repeal president obama's healthcare reform law. top democrats call the move a political stunt. they are refusing to give up the fight. the bill will head next to the senate, where it has little or no chance of passing. a bay area pediatrician is on the front lines of a tough battle. more and more babies tipping the scales in a very dangerous way. dr. kim joins us tonight. i can only imagine the health repercussions down the road. >> absolutely right. the list is long. >> reporter: being obese in childhood increases the risk of heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, even cancer. this east bay doctor is a man with a mission trying all he can to slim down the diaper set.
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>> say hello, say hi! >> reporter: 13-month-old girl is having her check-up. the news is good. >> she's tall. okay? >> she is. >> she is at the 90th percentile. >> that's great to hear. >> reporter: but not all the kids in dr. bean's practice are doing, as well. >> we have kids that are 10, 11 years old that weigh in excess of 200 pounds. >> reporter: it's a problem he has seen grow over the last decade. >> 30% of my practice easily, at least a third, are overweight babies and it's only getting worse. >> reporter: the culprits are many from overfeeding babies to sedentary toddlers it fast food. but the solution according to dr. bean is simple. education. >> unfortunately now we probably have at least two generations of people who really haven't had that kind of exposure, you know, the kind of experiences where you would, you know, sit with your mom or your grandmother or some elder
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person and learn how to prepare food. >> reporter: he hired a nutritionist or chef and even built a small kitchen in his office. >> it's a reteaching, reexposing people about food, what a good diet looks like. >> reporter: and you wanted your families to see how to cook it. >> exactly. >> reporter: what ought to be in the refrigerator. >> exactly. >> reporter: what ought to be in the freezer. >> that's right. >> reporter: he said it's time and money well spent avoiding problems that can span generations. >> you see parents and their children, so everybody benefits from having this improvement, having this kind of access. >> reporter: now, dr. bean is planning to open a larger demonstration area for families and will be webcasting the nutrition and culinary seminars. covering the cost is no small task with falling reimbursements. and he has applied for grant funding to help support the effort. >> it is a good effort. >> reporter: wonderful to hear.
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>> keep those bags offer the stove. my mother would have had a fit! >> reporter: he offered to clean it all up before we shot pictures but sorry about that. [ laughter ] >> thank you, kim. maybe you have heard this, eating a big hearty breakfast can help you lose weight. well, researchers say now think again. a study in nutrition journal says it's all myth. they said people ate the same as usual when they ate lunch and dinner and so consumed 400 more calories a day than those who ate a smaller breakfast. nutritionists say it's still important to eat a sensible breakfast whether you're trying to lose weight or not. all right. let's be sensible about this weather, roberta. >> i'm just receiving the official high temperatures from the national weather service here at our cbs 5 studios in st. francis. but you really don't need me to tell you that we had unseasonably warm temperatures today and in fact, 59 degrees for the cool spot in half moon bay. but it was santa rosa that made it all the way up to an
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unseasonably mild 71 degrees. and that is a scene right now according to our live cbs 5 weather camera atop mount vaca looking out to the horizon. the clouds are not obscuring the sunset officially at 5:18. if you are going to be out and about, we have tonight a moonlit sky a full moon. and we will have plenty of clear conditions inland bayside to the immediate seashore. tonight overnight, number-wise it will be much cooler than it has been in the past couple of nights. 44 in oakland, low 40s common across the peninsula and offshore win 10 to 20. 30s around concord, clayton, walnut creek, livermore at 35. this is the trough to the north of us. it's a trough of low pressure and many of these clouds are spilling over into the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. that's where we just saw those high clouds from as we looked
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out from mount vaca. now, meanwhile, this area of low pressure served a purpose because it scrubbed away the stratus in the form of low clouds and patchy fog along the immediate seashore and also, with that offshore push, it actually moved out that tule fog from our inland areas but now we have a series of storms out over the pacific. the storms will not affect us as far as precipitation is concerned. but it will affect us as far as surface is concerned. in fact, take a look at some video i just received from hawaii. surf is it from oahu through maui into kona. they have a high surf advisory in effect for that area but also strong thunderstorms are now pushing into the chain of hawaiian islands, as well. as far as we're concerned by the weekend 12 to 15 feet swells, 20 to 30 faces. not calling for a mavericks run yet. it will be great surfing but hazardous as far as viewing at the immediate seashore so be careful. 70 tomorrow in santa rosa, 62 fremont, 64 redwood city,
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friday should pan out to be the warmest day of the workweek. and the dry weather pattern will continue each day until next wednesday at this time. that yours very mild pinpoint forecast. hang on, stay with us. we'll be right back. nk tg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the amber alert abduction in the amber alert abduction case of juliana cardenas. updating our top story, this is parts of a search for the missing 4-year-old boy.
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the chefs department has pulled this car out of the canal near patterson. this is near where the boy was taken yesterday. however, it's confirmed this is not the car that was described as being used in the abduction of that 4-year-old boy. apparently a farm worker saw this go into the canal. it is not the car wanted in that amber alert. so we'll keep an eye on that developing story of course on the amber alert because the 4- year-old boy is still missing and thought to be somewhere in california. well, policy change by the country's top bank has mortgage customers crying foul tonight. bank of america cracking down on grace periods and charging fees for using the float time. on the consumerwatch julie watts reports. reporter: tired of bank fees? >> pretty sick of the whole thing with the banking industry, the financial
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industry period. they are just bilking the middle class. >> reporter: get ready for more. next month bank of america is redefining its mortgage grace period which means new fees for customers who don't bank with b. of a. >> it's one of a great many that we have heard from the megabanks that's bad news for consumers. >> reporter: joe rideout of consumer action says this is the latest way for b. of a. to make up the 2.$3 billion they used to make in overdraft fees. now they have found a way to collect fees from non-b. of a. customers. >> they have gone from 15 days to 9 days from a different financial institution. >> reporter: so if you have a mortgage with b. of a. and you pay it with your b. of a. checking account there is no change to your 15-day grace period. but if you bank somewhere else, like, say, wells fargo, and you pay your b. of a. mortgage with that checking account, you lose six days on the grace period and you gai a $6 fee. >> unfortunately i don't have a
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mortgage with b. of a. but i don't bank with the same bank i have a mortgage with. >> reporter: that's the case for many americans who got their mortgage through one bank only to have it performed by another. and if that bank happens to be b. of a., rideout says they want the rest of your accounts, too. >> i wouldn't say for most people it's worth it to make a switch. if you are switching banks every time your mortgage is bought and sold, that can be extremely inconvenient. >> i don't think the financial regulations went far enough. these kind of things need to stop. >> reporter: however, not everyone is upset. >> i think it's a smart move. you should pay your bills on time, right? what do you need a grace period for? >> reporter: come february 14, paying on time may be your onl option. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. why more american students are studying chinese than ever before. we'll have that and much morning tonight only on the cbs evening news. ,, ,,,,,,
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rojects in the bay you want to be with us at 6:00 because this is one of the biggest construction projects in the bay area. a major milestone at the foot of

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